Parents and children ceremony

Bear Blessing

The Bear Blessing is an intimate and brief ceremony welcoming children during their first year of age. It usually comprises a moment of thanksgiving to Mother Earth, and a ritual protecting the newly arrived, being held beneath a tree, in open air, or, during the colder seasons, inside.

Menarche Celebration

We invite all mothers whose daughters have experienced menarche during these past two years to celebrate one of the most important events in the life of any woman. Let future seeds grow in harmony with the cycles of life, and recall the transformation of their body with joy and cheer.

We will recall our ancestors, and meditate, we will drum, we will dance and we will sing, and share food ritually.

If we consider that the moment of supreme “empowerment” women reach has become the very reason of their fragility and shame, and if we at the same time acknowledge the power that the women in red might share with their community, we are facing a paradox that is clearly imbued with political implications.

from Donne Sciamane BY Morena Luciani Russo