The Madrepace Tarots are the result of the matriarchal and archeomitological studies that Vicki Noble undertook in the seventies of the last century, a journey through the cultures of the Sacred Feminine from all over the world. After a long time of meditative retreat and study together with the artist Karen Vogel, Vicki received these images of great power and transformation. According to the Madrepace vision the Arcana of the Tarot are to be understood as an ark that keep and preserves the ancient sacred wisdom, dating back to the time when the Goddess was venerated.

Morena has been studying the Motherpeace world with Vicki for 12 years. The readings begin with an analysis of our own cards of Life and the card of the Year, these images act like Masters of our existence and compasses of orientation of our path.

According to the famous poet Alice Walker, “The Motherpeace Tarot has been a wise and loving oracle. A clear mirror, also, that constantly shows the truest face”.

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