The Book

SHAMAN WOMEN. Female Spirituality Obscured by PATRIARCH

When we speak about women, how come we continually invoke the witch, magician, healer, medium, Curandera, but rarely the Shaman? Must we necessarily make Shamanism meet and fit into the structures of patriarchy? What role did women hold throughout prehistory? Why was female spirituality effaced by history and anthropological research? And how about the Shaman roles the women of today could reclaim and make their own?



Luciani shares her discoveries and studies with regard to ancient rites, investigating the characteristics  of female Shamanism, reconciling us with our ancestral mothers, with our most ancient arts, with that space and time when the might and power of women fell into oblivion.


A book that turns views on Shamanism upside down, placing women at the center of that ancestral pact between humans and nature. Curing both the soul and the body, vision, moments of transition and transformation have always been amongst the most genuine expressions of female energy, incarnated in bodies of women from the very beginning of human life on earth.


Morena Lucianis book on female Shamanism is an outstanding effort. The author approaches her subject as a whole, combining her own personal experience as a Shaman with accurate research and a profound feminist sensibility. Setting out from an informed critique of the ways in which Shamanism has long been slighted and even cancelled by the academic world, she develops a trans-cultural vision, bringing together past and present cultures brilliantly, and pointing out the similarities shared by Shaman women all over the world.


Luciani offers her readers an anthropological approach to female psychology and the archetypes that are theirs. Her book has become a fundamental (and, let it be said, all Italian) contribution to research and to the task of bringing forth an authentic female identity that goes beyond the limits imposed by the male and patriarchal society in which we live.


In this way, the way of the Shaman turns out to be directed not only towards heightened individual, but collective awareness as well. ‘Taking up the drums has been a political choice’ says Morena Luciani.
This is another precious aspect of her book: it applies to present day experience. Based upon a solid scientific background and the aforesaid framework of historical reference, its pages pave the path towards a reading of present day experience.