She delights in the clashes of castanets and drums, in the sound of flutes, and in the howling of wolves and lions with glistening eyes.

Hymn to Cybele, Mother of the Gods, anonymous, Greece, VI cent. BOE

Drumming is an essential part of the spiritual quest undertaken and experienced during our meetings. Drumming can guide both women and men, leading them to a new appraisal of profound and wild Womanhood. Drumming can establish a new contact with the beat of our heart and the beat of Mother Earth.
Drumming has always figured prominently in Female Shamanism and Goddess cults throughout the world, even if this has been evidenced only quite recently. Before it became subject of Archeo-Mythological research, percussion instruments were always considered to be a male domain in the western world. In fact, depriving women of their drums has figured amongst the most dramatic and emblematic instances attesting the total upheaval of matriarchal values and of ecstatic healing methods.

Scientific research has shown since that drumming has considerable healing effects both upon the mind and the body, balancing brain hemispheres. Drumming can conduct towards goals that may result difficult to reach even through advanced meditation, such as awareness throughout a Delta state, when brain frequencies are slowest, states of mindlessness, and the experience of nothingness.

Drumming, especially when it becomes a shared experience, may provide an excellent remedy against stress and anxiety symptoms. According to neurologist Barry Bittman, its effects are not only psychological, but in some cases extend to heightening body defenses as well as activity of so called natural killer cells, acting within our body to search and eliminate cells infected by some virus or cancer.

It should be kept in mind that drumming is not merely entertaining or exotic, but rather a life-promoting performance, as well as a key towards a new kind of interacting with the universe, visible or not.

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