Serpents and Pythians

The forbidden fruit of awareness

Vital energy is shaped spirally, and serpentine. Such structures harbor the mysteries of the universe. Actually, many myths of creation figure a cosmic egg born from an ancestral serpent, at times winged.
Serpents completely absorb telluric energy, changing shape and regenerating just as the moon does, and as women do.
Female Shaman awareness has ever been intimately linked to ophidian power. Before patriarchal culture stigmatized serpents as an incarnation of evil, they were considered to protect homes, and were nurtured and kept by the women of Ancient Europe beneath pavements, or else within sacred gardens.
By evoking serpentine power, we open a cleavage in the realm of appearances, we learn to nurture our selves knowingly with that intuitive awareness which is an essential part of our body and mind as women, the awareness that nurtures us and, when cherished and exercised, may bestow balance onto our existence.
During this seminar, we shall ritually celebrate this sacred animal, employing drumming to travel and invite it into our existence, learning to open our selves to the art of understanding that it brings about.
To participate, bring your drum or bell. The instrument should be your own, and not lent by anybody else.
A detailed list of further required equipment will be promptly furnished by Morena Luciani Russo to anyone participating.