The Sisterhood of the Bear

She who heals and nurtures, and knows how to protect and protect herself.

Throughout the boreal hemisphere, the Bear represents the Primordial Ancestress, Lady of women and their ancient Shaman powers.
Within European matriarchal cultures, worship of the bear as primeval Mother is testified by rock paintings, statuettes and seals. The eminent position of the bear in prehistoric iconography attests its immense symbolic and spiritual importance.
Protection of the Earth, and protection of our selves figure amongst the foremost goals of Female Shamanism. Present day women unite under the sign of the Bear to vindicate their importance in giving and protecting life, and cherishing the secrets of nature and healing.
This seminar purports to recreate the Sisterhood of the Bear. We ritually celebrate our Ancestress as Primeval Mother of Shaman Arts, learn how to practice protection, and connect spirituality and politic action.
To participate, bring your drum or bell. The instrument should be your own, and not lent by anybody else.
A detailed list of further required equipment will be promptly furnished by Morena Luciani Russo to anyone participating.