Winged women

Countless are the images of women or female deities depicted with open arms in imitation of wings, or else wearing bird-like masks, of women mounting flying swans, geese, eagles, dragons or other animals of the earth, of women riding through the heavens on broomsticks and mortars, of women donning the shape of bees and butterflies.

The magic flight of women has been depicted throughout the world, and by many cultures.

It represents the capacity to modify awareness employing Shaman techniques and connecting to the Bird-Goddess, sacred animal twice born both as an egg and then as a bird.

The Bird-Goddess bestows life, laying the cosmic egg, but also brings death, ferrying souls and devouring corpses.

She defines a Shaman role of vast and complex symbolic implications.
This seminar ushers us into this complex network of meaning; ritual art and drumming shall guide us towards the creatures of the heavens, and we shall strive to enlighten both the body and the mind and let our soul fly.